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Help / FAQs

1. How can I edit the details on someone's page?

The information on this site is managed from a traditional Family Tree program. In order to keep the two systems synchronized, we ask that you enter any suggested changes or additions in the comments section of the individual's page. We usually go back and make all the updates about once every quarter (three months) and then republish the information on the site.

2. There are people missing from the tree, how do I add them?

Please e-mail the details of the people, either in an e-mail or attach a GEDCOM file (exported from your family tree program), to and we will add them during our quarterly website update.

3. How can I add photos to a person's page?

For now, in order to add photos to a person's page, we have to do so manually. The best way is to e-mail the photos to and we'll add them during the next quarterly website update.

4. Why are there so many individuals listed as “Private”?

Our database currently has information on living individuals and we try to exclude all details from anyone born after 1940.

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